Summer is a time for you and the family to go road tripping, and time to take care of the vehicle you count on to take you there. Our experienced and reliable Nissan service technicians are one step ahead of you by creating a Nissan service and maintenance guide that you can rely on this summer. This list of tips helps you plan the servicing and maintenance needs of your Nissan model. Our service professionals spent some time doing a little research, along with putting together years of experience when creating this Nissan service and maintenance guide. Read more below to discover how you can keep your vehicle running smoothly on the road and not on the shoulder, courtesy of Beaver County Nissan.

Our Nissan Service and Maintenance Guide

  1. Have your vehicle washed: After riding through salt on the road or even snow, the exterior paint and undercarriage can get slightly damaged from colder temperatures. When you wash your vehicle on a hot summer day, you remove dirt particles that can cause micro-scratches and corrosion.

  2. Double-check your brakes: If you hear weird noises or the brake is not up to speed when your foot hits the pedal, try replacing your brake fluids. We welcome you to your local PA Nissan service center, and we will be happy to check out your brakes and make any necessary recommendations.

  3. Inspect fluid levels in your radiator: Your coolant might be low or leaking if you notice on your dashboard that your Nissan model is running hotter than normal. We highly recommend that you store extra coolant in your vehicle during these summer months.

  4. Test air conditioner: If you notice that the air is not cold in your vehicle, you might need to replace your air filters or need more refrigerant.

Why Service With Beaver County Nissan?

If you require a routine oil change or a serious repair, you can rely on us to assist you all year round. Before you schedule a service appointment, please take a look at our Nissan service coupons to save a little extra money. Once you visit for your appointment, one of our friendly service team members will be here every step of the way, with more information about your services or any required paperwork. Read our Nissan service and maintenance guide and schedule an appointment with Beaver County Nissan today!

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