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Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Transmission Repairs, and more

Whether driving a late model Nissan Sentra or a brand new Nissan Rogue, one of the best ways to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is by following the recommended maintenance schedule. Regular vehicle maintenance will also help to avoid costly repairs and keep your vehicle performing and operating at its peak. At Beaver County, Nissan of our highly trained, certified service technicians are qualified to meet your repair and service needs, whether you require a major repair or a regularly scheduled service. We proudly serve the Beaver, New Beaver, Big Beaver, and New Brighton, PA areas for your convenience.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

The overall health of your Nissan relies heavily upon following the recommended service schedule for your particular vehicle. This schedule typically following milestones based on specific mileage or monthly intervals, whichever occurs first.

When your Nissan was manufactured, a recommended service schedule was created based on the make and model. When your vehicle is not serviced based on the recommended mileage or monthly intervals, you run the risk of parts being damaged. As a result, the performance and overall health of your vehicle will be compromised.

Certified Service & OEM Parts: Beaver County Nissan

Beaver County Nissan is conveniently located in Beaver County and located near Beaver Falls. Our service center is a state-of-the-art facility and houses the latest equipment to service and repair your Nissan. Call us today to schedule an appointment!