Are Brakes Important?

The answer will always be yes. The brakes in your Nissan model are among its most vital parts and not just because they safely bring you to a stop. The dedicated service center at Beaver County Nissan suggests you schedule Nissan brake repairs in PA with us to have them inspected. Your brakes, however, do more than bring your Nissan car, truck, crossover, or SUV to a safe stop. They also communicate with your vehicle's engine, steering wheel, anti-locking system, four-wheel-drive system, and other components when pressed into duty. Not only will we guarantee they are in the highest working order, but we will point out crucial Nissan brake service specials you can enjoy. Contact our team to get started.

Determine When You Need Service

Our technicians recommend you undergo Nissan brake repairs in PA a minimum of every six months or about 6,000 miles to guarantee your brakes work as they should. Key signs they need maintenance include:

  • Your brakes feel hard to press down or "spongy" whenever you touch the pedal.
  • You hear grinding or squealing noises whenever the brakes are applied.Your Nissan model is continually pulling to one side.
  • Your steering wheel or pedals shake whenever the brakes are used.Your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light has appeared.

Your Trusted Service Destination

You will be pleased to know that our incredible service center offers a wide variety of Nissan brake services, such as:

  • Looking for even wear and measuring brake pad/shoe thickness.
  • Making sure brake lines - along with master and wheel cylinders - are not leaking.
  • Inspecting rotors for any hot spots and run-outs.
  • Examining calipers for wear, fluid leaks, and proper movement.
  • Studying your anti-lock brake sensors.
  • Testing your hardware and making any necessary adjustments.Monitoring your brake fluid conditions and topping off levels.

Schedule Your Appointment

As you can see, your brakes could not be in better hands than at Beaver County Nissan. But you do not have to just rely on our service advisors' and technicians' words. Schedule your next service appointment for reliable Nissan brake repairs in PA today!


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