Frequently Change Your Air Filters

Maintaining clean airflow inside your vehicle is essential for purifying the air you breathe and keeping your Nissan healthy. The service team at Beaver County Nissan recommends replacing your cabin air filters every 10,000 miles or so and is happy to get you set up with a maintenance plan to ensure your filters always stay fresh. Routine Nissan air filter replacements help sustain optimal air circulation and prevent clogged filters, which causes an inefficient heating and cooling system. A dirty filter will not only lead to a lack of airflow, but it can also affect the HVAC system, making it work harder and cause a potential burnout. Contrastingly, clean Nissan air filters keep contaminants and harmful pollutants away from the air you and your passengers breathe and aid the proper function of your vehicle's HVAC system. Schedule a Nissan air filter appointment to make sure your filters are as clean as possible.

Air Filter Importance

The best way to know when you need a Nissan air filter replacement is by letting our service professionals have a look inside of your vehicle during an inspection. Our trained staff has years of expertise in examining air filters and can guarantee if the air circulating in your car is clean. You spend a whole lot of time and energy inside your vehicle, so whether or not you suffer from respiration conditions such as asthma or allergies or want to be proactive about preventing poor air quality, it's a good idea to replace your filters frequently. You may notice a musty smell or a whistling sound coming from the ducts. Or perhaps a weakened airflow occurs when the air conditioning or heating system is set too high. Then again, your vehicle may not show any symptoms at all. Schedule a tune-up for a Nissan air filter replacement today!

Schedule Nissan Service

Our service team cares about the quality of your air filter and will answer any questions you have about this topic or any other of our service offerings. We'll also point you in the right direction regarding service specials because we want you to save on your Nissan air filter replacement. See you soon for a Nissan service check-up!


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