This Nissan Glows in the Dark, While Your Juke Gets You Going

Custom versions of popular car models are designed to excite, but after that moment of wonder, you'll be forced to face the reality of what auto dealerships actually have to offer. So while this customized edition of the new 2016 Nissan Juke probably has you excited, or at the very least curious, you'll find far less bright versions over here. Take a look, click the link to see how it glows in the dark, then visit our Beaver Falls, PA Nissan dealership today.



We'll do our best to help you find an auto detailer that will make your Juke glow in the dark, but with customized color schemes and design packages offered by Nissan, we're sure you'll find the kind of look you're after. Explore our entire lineup of new Nissan models by coming over today.

Find the kind of Juke that works best for you and see what we've got going on here at Beaver County Nissan today.

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