Nissan's NESCO Teams Earn Praise for Making Manufacturing Greener

Since the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011, The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been focused on the energy policy: "S+3E"

  • Safety
  • Energy Supply
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Environmental Conservation

The ECCJ has been working with the United Nations on sustainable energy initiatives.

This year, the ECCJ has awarded their 2016 Chairman's Award to Nissan, for reducing carbon emissions by 331,184 tons globally.

Nissan garnered the ECCJ's attention with the help of specialized teams called NESCO, an acronym for Nissan Energy Saving Collaboration.

NESCO teams audit energy use in Nissan's manufacturing plants, from Japan, to England, to Mexico, the United States, and more. Wherever NESCO finds a manufacturing process that could be optimized, they suggest and implement changes.

In Nissan's original Yokohama, Japan plant, huge amounts of electricity were saved simply by updating older machinery.

At Beaver County Nissan, we can help you drive greener, too, whether you're browsing for an efficiently manufactured new vehicle, conserving resources with a used vehicle, or keeping your current model on the road with service and repairs.

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