When Facing the Unexpected, the Nissan Rogue Will Help Keep You in Control

When you come across an unexpected object in the road, you need to react quickly and you vehicle needs to respond quickly in order for you to stay safe on the road. Almost every driver has had an experience like this, and most of us know that responsive handling can make a huge difference in these situations. In the video below, you can find out how the Nissan Rogue responds to situations like this; we think you'll be impressed.

Clearly the Rogue offers some impressive agility and seriously sharp handling. This vehicle is equipped with the Intuitive AWD System, which can tell if the Rogue cornering, swerving or cruising and will make sure the vehicle maintains traction so you can stay in control the whole time. It also offers features like Active Engine Braking to enhance stopping control, and Active Trace Control to selectively apply inner or outer brakes to optimize control. When you drive the Rogue, you can stay confident and in control no matter what might come your way.

To see for yourself what the Nissan Rogue can do, be sure to stop by our Beaver Falls, PA dealership for a test drive. We will gladly take you out on the road in one of our available models so you can experience that impressive handling for yourself.

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